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Payroll PRO Savings





Whether you save a little or a lot putting money aside on a


regular   basis means you will be working towards managing


your money better   giving yourself something to look forward


to and providing you with a   nest egg to fall back on should


the need arise.









Why choose us




√  Flexible and easy access to your savings


√  Safe and ethical way to save


√  Competitive return (annual dividend on your savings shares)







What we offer


































































       Basic Share Account


     When you join we open you a basic member account.   


     This is suitable for everyone and provides you a flexible


     and easy option to saving with instant access.





       Holiday & Christmas Savings


     These accounts are for you if you’d like to  save for      


     a specific purpose and keep your savings separate.          


     Christmas savings are accessible in November and          


     December only. Dividend is paid at the same rate  as


     Basic Share Account.





      Regular Saver Cash ISA


     If you already pay  income tax, why pay tax on the


     returns your savings attract? With a Nottingham Credit


     Union Regular Saver Cash ISA you won’t have to. ISAs


     (Individual Savings Accounts) enable any UK resident  


     aged over 18 to invest savings to gain tax-free returns


     up to £6000, in regular deposits of up to £500 per month.


     It’s so easy to open an account – you just need to be over


     18 and a Nottingham Credit Union member.        


      Key Features:        


     √ AER is 1.5% fixed for 2018/19


     √ Instant Access


     √ Minimum deposit £10 up to £500 maximum per month


        (total £6000 p/a)


     √ Limited edition – can be withdrawn at any time – get it


        now while you can!


     √ No transfers in from other providers





      Young Savers Account


     For those under 18 we offer a savings account that gives


     young savers the opportunity to learn to manage their own


     money. We  encourage our young savers to set their own


     savings targets and friends and family can contribute to their


     savings as well.





      Flexible Ways to Save


     There are a number of options to save:


     √ Deposit cash or cheques at our Nottingham or Mansfield




     √ Set up a regular standing order to your savings (share)




     √ Set up payment via payroll membership √ Pay benefit


        payments directly to your account



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